Welcome to the Algorithmic Futures podcast series, where we explore the work needed to successfully design technology and policy for an uncertain future.

As technology capabilities continue to evolve, they will change our world and how we experience it. Technology is increasingly becoming embedded and interwoven into our everyday lives, shaping how we interact with one another and with our environment.

In each episode, we interview technology creators, regulators and dreamers to learn how complex technological capabilities imagined now might shape (and be shaped by) our environment and societies in the years to come.

Algorithmic Futures is created, produced and hosted by Liz Williams and co-produced and co-hosted by Zena Assaad. The podcast cover art is by Zena Assaad.

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About the hosts

Headshot - Elizabeth Williams

Elizabeth T. Williams is a Senior Lecturer at the 3A Institute within the School of Cybernetics at the Australian National University (ANU).  

She has a PhD in experimental nuclear structure from Yale University. Since joining the ANU in 2012, Liz has held an ARC DECRA Fellowship, mucked about with accelerators, code, and superheavy elements, and explored complexity in real-world technological systems. She also led the creation of the hands-on half of the Masters of Applied Cybernetics and is currently convening the School of Cybernetics 2021 PhD cohort program.

You can find more of Liz’s writing on her website, elizabethtwilliams.com

Zena Assaad is a senior research fellow within the School of Engineering at the Australian National University (ANU).

Zena studied a Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering and completed a PhD exploring decision making under uncertainty to support strategic air traffic flow management.

Zena currently holds a fellowship position under the ethics uplift program with trusted autonomous systems, exploring human-machine teaming.

You can learn more about Zena on her website: www.zenaassaad.com

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