Accessibility for in-person attendees at HMC

We have just been informed that the lift to the workshop space is broken and will not be repaired until sometime this Thursday. There are a couple of flights of stairs that need to be navigated as a result. If this will make it difficult to access to the workshop site, please get in touch — we will see what we can do.

Accessibility for SRA22 and HMC22

If you have any accessibility needs that you did not note in your registration form, please reach out so we can help. This page is to provide information about the online platforms we will be using for SRA22 (and for remote attendees to HMC22), and how we plan to accommodate everyone at the event. We’ll make more information about this available as we get further along in the workshop planning. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Event platform. We will be using Zoom as our event platform. Here are some operating system-specific instructions for using keyboard shortcuts on the platform.

Workshopping tools (SRA22 only – updated 10 June). We will use Padlet for some workshop activities. Padlet has this to say about its accessibility. We have tested the keyboard commands they provide in this link and note that they work but won’t let you choose where to put your post. We will be able to send someone to assist if needed, and organisers will be able to re-organise posts as required.

We will also use Slido for some quick quizzes. Slido’s accessibility page is here. Again, if you need assistance, we will have someone there who can help.

Finally, one workshop will use Miro. Miro’s accessibility statement is here. We have a spreadsheet alternative for the primary activity planned here and can provide support as needed — simply ask a facilitator.