Workshopping session: Sustainability in human-machine collaboration

Led by: Delia Pembrey, Fred Roberts, Alexis Tsoukiás

This session will focus on the roles human-machine collaboration could play in responding and adapting to disruptions that are increasingly likely in the face of climate change. We will focus on three types of disruptions: fire, floods (due to weather or sea level rise), and power-grid disruptions. Together, we will collectively explore what “resilience” — for systems, infrastructures, and communities — could look like in a future where climate change is expected to increase the number and severity of such disruptions, and critically examine how the choices we make about how to respond and rebuild has the potential for cascading impacts well beyond the near-term response.

The ultimate goal of this session is to identify emerging challenges and opportunities future climate-change related disruptions pose for technology designers and policy-makers, with the intention of catalysing cross-disciplinary collaborations of relevance to this topic in the future.