Keynote speakers

Contributing speakers

  • Pia AndrewsTrust, truth and authenticity in the digital age. See podcast episode 3.
  • Fatma-Ezzahra Hadj-Ammar (École supérieure en sciences et technologies de l’informatique et du numérique) and Meltem Öztürk (CNRS LAMSADE) – Analysing Human Development Index from MultiCriteria Decision Making point of view
  • Amir Asadi and Elizabeth Williams (ANU School of Cybernetics) – Social implications of using vision-based monitoring systems in healthcare
  • Caitlin Bentley, Sara Vannini, Chisenga Muyoya, Susan Oman (University of Sheffield) – Can an intersectional approach to data make algorithms more socially responsible? 
  • Glen Berman (ANU) – Platform futures: A critical reading of engineering tools used to develop algorithmic systems
  • Robin Burke (University of Colorado, Boulder), Amy Voida (University of Colorado, Boulder), Nicholas Mattei (Tulane University), Nasim Sonboli (University of Colorado, Boulder), Farzad Eskandanian (DePaul University) – Algorithmic Fairness, Institutional Logics, and Social Choice
  • Peter Coombes (ANU Crawford School of Public Policy; Urban Water Cycle Solutions) –  Borrowing from nature to create self organising systems frameworks of big data to understand urban water systems
  • Ned Cooper and Ellen Broad (ANU School of Cybernetics) – Enabling participation in the review and redesign of algorithms: lessons from law reform
  • Virginie Do (CNRS LAMSADE, META AI) – Fairness in recommender systems: Insights from normative economics
  • Memunat Ibrahim (ANU School of Cybernetics) – What is trust? A Review of Trust Definitions in Autonomous Vehicles Research
  • Kathy Reid and Elizabeth Williams (ANU School of Cybernetics) – Socially responsible representation of accents in voice data: Considerations for practitioners and policymakers
  • Lorenn Ruster (ANU School of Cybernetics) and Katherine Daniell (ANU School of Cybernetics, ANU Fenner School) – Algorithmic Impact Assessments: A case for moving beyond mitigating harms
  • Julian Vido and Mina Henein (ANU School of Cybernetics) – On the Clock, In the Home: An Interrogation of the Social Responsibility of Time Constructs in Algorithms

Case studies

On each day of the workshop, participants will be invited to explore a case study in a multi-disciplinary team. The case studies are designed to help participants illuminate possible challenges and opportunities for technology and technology policy in an uncertain future — with the aim of fostering future collaborations. We will also prepare joint publications from the workshops, including all participants as co-authors.

Social responsibility of digital agriculture

Joseph Guillaume (ANU), Hannah Feldman (ANU), Nicolas Paget (CIRAD), Katherine Daniell (ANU)

The 2019 / 2020 Australian Bushfires: Rethinking the relationship between technology, environment and
society to better manage disaster responses

Zena Assaad (ANU), Felicity Millman (ANU), Thomas (Rob) Hanson (Department of Treasury), Jean-Baptiste Filippi (Université de Corse Pascal Paoli)

Watching the Great Barrier Reef: Trust in autonomous monitoring at scale

Lyndon Llewellyn (AIMS), Melanie Olsen (AIMS), Scott Bainbridge (AIMS), Hannah Feldman (ANU), and Elizabeth Williams (ANU)

Case study podcast

Photo by Stephen Dawson on Unsplash

Social responsibility at scale: A case study from the financial sector

Anna Leontjeva (Commonwealth Bank), Luiz Pizzato (CBA), Erika Lu (ANU), Brenda Martin (ANU), Ben Swift (ANU), Adrian Schmidt (ANU), Hannah Simpson (ANU), Elizabeth Williams (ANU)

The multi-level perspective of mobility management during a pandemic: analysing the case of the Home Quarantine South Australia App

Amir Asadi, Ned Cooper, Memunat Ibrahim, Lorenn Ruster (ANU)